Borum Draws the Line – Across the Globe

Borum Industries’ new Linemaster controls the painting of lines, patterns and arrows on roads and is mounted on Borum’s mobile line painting machine. The Linemaster system is designed to be operated in any weather, in any language and by road workers who probably do not have any particular training. And with gloves on!!

The mobile printer itself is equipped with different widths of large dot-matrix printer. This uses special marking paint fluid to form lines, dashes, patterns and arrows. The system can also apply sound patterns so that drivers can hear when the cross a line or drive off track.

The user interface of the Linemaster needed to be simple to operate and much attention was paid by DNgroup’s interface designers and Borum’s engineers in making the operation as fault free as possible.


The new Linemaster computer is designed to update a much older control system. The previous control system had also been designed by DNgroup. The new brief was to simplify the user interface so that unskilled and semi-skilled laborers could understand and use the complexities of the many abilities of the new system.


The graphics shown on the screen and the control panel show the actual line markings which will be drawn.

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