Cipherlab 9300 Industrial Computer

Moving materials and goods around in our energy conscious world needs efficient and speedy control. CipherLab is one of Taiwan’s leading companies which build information devices that do just that.
Introduced in late 2009, their 9300 mobile computer not only remains the specified rugged feature, but also packs laser-reading, wireless communications features that it seems impossible to cram so much into the new ergonomic device. The large, bright screen with high readability and easy-to-use keypad moreover optimized the concept of use-friendliness.

But the features of the product itself are not the only point. What the CipherLab/DNgroup partnership has achieved are management goals. By focusing on unique user requirements, the 9300 has been able to open more of Asia, European, American market. By combining fine product detailing with strategic market insight, the 9300 has given growth – where CipherLab’s competitors are still struggling with the economic crisis.

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The new little brother of the Cipherlab 9400 flagship model must be optimized for the low price red ocean of handheld barcode scanners and able to compete on the Chinese market.


A hard plastic scanner, optimized for both right- and left handed operation. Drop test from 2 meters and continues tumble tests.