There is a new way of building a market and getting the investment you need. Kickstarter and other types of crowd funding sites do these two things at the same time. They give you an initial group of customers – and they give you the essential capital to make the investments you need for tooling, and so on.

Few succeed

However, only a few projects succeed in obtaining the sum they need. In 2015, 65% of all projects on Kickstarter were unsuccessful.

Unique idea + Great design + Hard work = Success :?

This was not the case for Reload World. Two brothers from Holstebro, who in 2015 found Reload World, seem to have also found the recipe for running a successful Kickstarter campaign.

‘Hard work, good design, and a great idea”. This is the combination which worked for them. 11 days before the end of their campaign on Kickstarter, they reached their target of 250,000 DKK, and will now proceed with the production of Reload One.

What is Reload World?

Reload World is a hot new Danish company, founded by Hussain and Mhummel Adel, in 2015. Reload One, an arm bracelet which  will be able to recharge mobile telephones on the go, will be the first product.

You can lean more about Reload World on their Facebook page.