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黃文靜 Judy Huang
黃文靜 Judy Huang
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db60 speaker soon ready for Crowdfunding

Crowd-funding is changing the way in which you and I can get access to the hottest products from the designers themselves. If you think that e-shops were a revolution then wait and see what is coming on the horizon now.

Crowd-funding is a kind of a pre-order webshop (in very broad terms). If enough people like and order a new product within a short time limit – usually about a month –  then production can begin and customers get the product – right off the production line.

If, on the other hand, there are not enough people who support the product, the project will not become a reality and the money will stay in the customer’s account as the campaign ends – Nothing lost!

The latest example of this is the ingenious Bluetooth loudspeaker called db60. Its on now and gathering support and orders. DNgroup in Denmark are the originators and the speaker already has a wide international following. On Facebook especially, people from all over the world have followed the designers’ progress in developing the speaker and bringing it up to the standards needed for the world of Apple, Samsung and the others.

The advantage of this kind of new product development is that people really can stimulate the creation of much better products – the kind they really need and want – without having it all filtered through big business and the sometimes myopic purchasers of the giant retail chains. Crowd-funding is heralding in a completely new freedom for the real end-user. Creativity, choice, sustainability and a system for the 21st century is what it’s all about.

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