A collaboration for success

In 2014, Y-cam teamed up with DNgroup in hope to develop the next generation HD monitor and webcam. The result was a great success. A new webcam which allows for easier installation due to it’s improved wall-mounting system, and boasts a better picture quality and a more compact size..

The qualities of the new Y-cam don’t go unnoticed as it picked-up the Vortez Gold Award – Vortez is an international IT organisation.

Excellent reviews

Reviewer David Mitchelson said “Y-Cam has clearly gone away and carefully thought about what improvements could be made to an already excellent product. In the 2nd generation Bullet we have a much more sleek and elegant design which will better compliment any property it is attached to. Y-Cam has also trimmed down the size and yet the quality hasn’t come at a compromise.”

A design by DNgroup and Y-cam wins a golden award