Freedom of Speech Through Skype

The new RTX Skype cordless telephone was launched recently in Miami to an enthusiastic market. The new cordless handset allows users to use Skype without using a computer. This newest Skype handset takes over from the earlier successful model and is ideal for small businesses as well as for home use.

DNgroup designed the phone specially to appeal to a wide range of users on a worldwide basis. Partnered with RTX’s top quality technology, the new handset gives excellence in sound quality and great hand-held ergonomics.

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Design a democratic design product (appeal to a large market), but with an easy recognizable design language. Aimed at a global market. Optimized cost price, due to market segment.


Small form factor. We did a design with many elegant small details added – the back part of the handset has a pattern of holes camouflaging the speakerphone. Light guide detailing and textures used to increase overall perceived value of the product. On the charger stand aluminium is added to give weight and elegance. The style is even carried through to the base station.

Services / tools used

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