When Design is Used to Make a Product Trustworthy

The GMV WinLet 350 is a revolutionary piece of equipment, making the installation of windows and doors easier than ever before. By making one worker able to pick up, precisely place and mount glass assemblies up to 350 kg.

The WinLet 350 is the successor of the Winlet 200. Introducing more controls, self-propelled wheels and more lifting power – lifting larger windows.

One of the challenges given to the design was to make the Winlet 350 look more professional, stable, reliable and cool!

DN helped GMV realizing both their vision of a new and better window robot, and designed also the interface and product logo, marketing brochures and a new product website. The total design package was made possible through a Venture Design™ contract.

good_designIn 2012 GMV and DNgroup received a Good design award in robotics for the design, development and user focused development of the Winlet 350. 


Design and develop a more visual reliable product than the predecessor winlet 200, Design for export on a global market. Low cost price less than 150 units produced per year. Focus must be on ease of use and speed in handling. If too slow to use, the window robot will not be used – and it MUST look reliable and stable.


A well designed robot with reasonable fast moving and good interface. Friendly to end user with powerful industrial design appearance.

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