Let’s Do Some Heavy Lifting

The original GMV WinLet 350 has been a great success and GMV decided to expand the series with a bigger, more powerful version; GMV WinLet 575 – capable of lifting windows and building elements of more than half a metric ton and reaching higher than ever before. The WinLet 575 can be operated by a single workman, making it a versatile and time saving tool for any construction site.


To create a big brother for the already successful WinLet 350 required a machine that shared the visual confidence and appeal of the original – but in a bigger frame. In order to save time, development costs and manufacturing expenses there was the challenge of re-using as many parts from the smaller version without loosing the uniqueness of the larger machine.


Creating a series of products is not just a matter of making them look the same. There’s also money, time and development resources to be saved, when the development is done right. The GMV WinLet 575 is a great example of this, as the main cover of the machine is used on both models and the majority of the interface has been transferred as well.

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