Household Resources Consumption Awareness

Climate changes are an important global challenge and we all have a joint responsibility in solving them – we are all part of the solution. DNgroup´s FlowerPod is both a fun, playful and none-dictating way of displaying your home’s current energy consumption and a serious tool for reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

The project has become a worldwide success, receiving both Honourable Mentions in the Taiwanese “Smart living” competition, awarded in the Greener Gadgets Award in New York, as well as discussed in several magazines and Blogs around the world.

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To create an unobtrusive and playful way of visualising the combined water, heat and electrical use of a household, that will wirelessly connect to smart meters around the house. In order to activate both young and old, the project should display different layers and complexities on different platforms.


In order to directly engage the whole family, we created a digital flower used to convey the current state of the household’s energy consumption. Based on the median – and on the make-up of the family – the flower will grow and blossom or wither and die. A very visual and fun way to keep track of how green you are. A companion website will allow for more advanced analysis and understanding, making sure, that the user can understand and correct any unwanted energy waste.

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