DALI Lektor Speaks Up

Right from their launch date, Dali could see that the Lektor series was right for the market. The first speakers that were introduced swept up the critics’ top awards – and the buying public reacted with the same enthusiasm.

The Lektor series is designed by DNgroup to give excellence in sound quality, but at economic prices. Real value for money. “Immensely musical, seamlessly detailed and evenly balanced” proclaimed What Hifi Awards of 2008 in giving Lektor 1 the top award.


DNgroup was asked to create a series which fits into Dali’s programme of products – giving a true choice to customers. Lektor is supplemented in both directions by more economic products and more high-end Dali choices.


A product bang on target with regards to giving the right product to the right customers at the right price – and creating revenue for the client.

Services / tools used

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