A younger take on Christmas decorations

We did this project as an internal competition in the design office. We wanted to give Christmas decorations a new face and more edge. Two days of eating Christmas cakes and running around the office with elves hats on ended up in a series of concepts, where the Ornamental globes were one of them.

We chose to bring this design forward to the public because we liked it a lot and wanted to test it on a new media and funding platform: crowd funding. See how it went in the Blog.

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Develop and design a new line of Christmas decorations. The target group is younger families and singles from 25 to 45 years of age.


A very elegant shaped white Christmas globe with integrated silicone hanger. The globes have applied graphics of varying style and Christmas spirit. Also a set of blank globes was introduced for children to decorate themselves as a perfect gift for the parents.

Services / tools used

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