FL300 Top-Light LED Fixture

The new super-efficient LED lighting system from Fionia Lighting is making massive savings in energy for glass-house agriculture. Plants only use part of the spectrum in visible light. The new Fionia LED lighting lets farmers tune the energy used in the lighting to exactly the part of spectrum that their plants need. The other parts of the light are simply saved.

Up to 44% of the energy used in the lighting is saved in this way. A huge economic advantage and a significant green solution for the climate. The new DNgroup design of the lighting also collects and reuses the excess heat generated by the LED’s. Water cooling is harnessed and can be used for heating. The air-cooled system likewise.

As well as DNGroup, Fionia Lighting also colloborated with The University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Sensors, Signals and

Electrotechnics, SENSE for short. Senmatic DCT’s Green Business division supplied their new LCC 4 climate computers and Super Link 5. The final experimental research was carried out with KOLD College.


In 2012 Fionia Lighting and DNgroup received a Good Green Design Award for product and design of the FL300 Top LED light fixture.


Design and organize the development of a high capacity LED based lighting system for professional Glass-house agriculture. Focus on cleaning, service access, waterproofing and system design.


Strong extruded Aluminium chassis. Prepared for both air- and water cooled systems. Easy to mount and access for service.

Services / tools used

Brainstorm   Research

Project partners

Sapa Profiler   Idé-Pro Skive as  Polymer Optics Ltd.

University of Southern Denmark