Preaching the Nordic Values

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Lachezar Veselinski
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DNgroup China Nordic Design Speech

The principles of Nordic design lay in the very heart of DNgroup. Simplicity, innovation, and having the right attitude towards the future is what DN is known for around the world. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when a university or a big international company from outside the Scandinavian asks a DN employee to make a presentation on exactly these traits of Nordic design.

In the end of 2014, Judy Huang, Director Asia Pacific, made a speech about Environmental Change and Organisational Management at Fu Jen Catholic University. Judy presented the latest data analysis in order to highlight the the effects development in global technologies has had on the world map. Although the speech contained deep thinking it used simple words with well-designed slides to encourage students to think of the future and prepare for the effects of globalisation.

Judy was also welcomed by Panasonic Taiwan for a lecture on The Aesthetics of Nordic Design. She introduced the background and general information of north European countries and  compared the differences between north European countries and Taiwan.  Slides showed north European countries’ aesthetics as well as their thinking and design methods, she provided the Nordic Design Compasses for staffs’ practice and presented the future trends  for their reference.