Handling Made Easy

Pallets are the backbone of many logistic operations all over the world. To make dispensing the pallets a smooth operation Q System needed a re-design of their existing unit. Not only did the new design solve a number of security and construction issues – it introduced a completely new way of making a pallet dispenser for Q System. Instead of both an electric and a pneumatic system the new dispenser uses an all electric system, making both manufacture, installation and service much easier, cheaper and faster. The project included an extensive user study, research and insights report.



The task was to optimize the existing pallet dispenser using the in-house manufacturing techniques at Q System and open up a new market – the pallet dispenser as a stand-alone unit.


Through intense user studies, body storming and research a number of great insights was revealed and the new design is the combination of a thourough pre-design phase combined with a innovative mechanical solution. The entire process was completed in just 9 months from initial meeting with the client to the finished product was shipped from Q System.

Services / tools used