Public Transport – Public Interface

Rejsekort is Denmark’s new e-ticket system which covers shared ticketing for DSB. the Danish Railways, the Metro and many bus companies. DN was responsible for the digital interface including sound signals for the terminals. DN also designed the website for Rejsekort as well as the graphic user interface for value-adding terminals in the train and bus stations.

In this, DN worked together with Thales Transportation and Accenture programmers in Paris.

The development work on this service has on-going with regualr updates of sounds and spoken messages through the terminals and valedators mounted in busses and train station platforms.

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The Rejsekort system is ambitious and complex as the system is shared by many companies and spans hundreds of different zoning in the cities throughout Denmark. The brief was to make a user experience system that was intuitive and easy to use.


The use of multiple interface elements – spoken messages, graphics, sounds and lighting feedback all contribute to this good UX system. Great attentions was paid to groups of customers with special needs and to different age groups and tourists from across the globe.

Services / tools used

Research     Brainstorm     User Interface     Sonic Design     Graphic Design     Web Design