Play Your Way to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Stormriders is the a professional management game aimed at start-up companies and other innovative managers. The game is built around Christopher Columbus and his endeavors to reach India by sailing west.

Rather than concentrating on the actual voyage, Stormriders lets the game players follow and learn from Columbus as he raises capital from investors, gets Italian bankers’ support, organizes manpower and resources in Spain, carries out marketing and recruits business partners and agents. This game is a true and accurate lesson in European cooperation and globalization. There are valuable lessons here for every business leader today.


To create a high performance, high quality game for management training and development.


The graphics of the game had to be immediately understandable. The construction – using laser-cut acrylic – is precisely machined so that the whole game is made of 4 identical parts which fit together like a jigsaw. The manufacturing cost was down to only 30% of the previous model.

Services / tools used

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