Tailift MAX1250X Punch Press

Designed by DNgroup, the Tailift MAX1250X Punch Press is a state-of-the-art CNC controlled manufacturing machine. Emphasis has been put on functionality, safety and quality. Representing a major step forward for Tailift, the MAX1250X received the Award of Eminence at TIMTOS 2009.

The overall lines and the detailing signal a dynamic and strong machine where Tailift’s reliable high quality components gives the automotive and metal-detailing industry a reliable and powerful piece of equipment.


Simple to design a machine that could compete head-on with the best German and Italian machine tools. The Tailift technology was up to the right standard but the Tailift brand lacked convincing edge.


A machine where the rational good appearance is founded on good operator safety, ease of functional maintenance and design for manufacture on Tailifts conveyor belt mass production.

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