The Sound of Perfection

Music enhances the quality of family life and an individual’s lifestyle. On that refreshingly new concept, Coin Audio have just launched their new Mansion series of HiFi loudspeakers. They are designed to open new dimensions in family values, from widening the perspectives of musical styles – to letting children appreciate good music – to giving relaxation after a tough day’s work.

Located right in the heart ofthe Nei Hu district of Taipei, Coin Audio is one of the front-runners in the new High-End wave of audio systems for today’s more demanding consumers. DN has worked intensively with Coin’s acoustic engineers to achieve an outstanding balance between sonic perfection and excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Innovative engineerings and design give listeners a sound quality that is hard to equal – all the way from the high frequencies through the ribbon tweeter, through the mid-tones for strings, vocals and brass to the rich depths bass sounds. All in a build quality of true craftsmanship.

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Coin Audio wants to introduce a series of High-end speakers aimed at the upper middle class in China, Taiwan and the Asia Pacific in general. Focus put on high build quality and modern design for a fast growing market.


A speaker series (bookshelf and floor) designed with a blend of modern simplicity and high quality materials and Taiwanese craftmanship.

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