Venture Design™ is an attractive alternative to the typical innovation and development process. Both in terms of closer collaboration and means of financing. We have been beta testing this new co-operation type for a five year period and our clients as well as ourselves are very happy.

Typical product design and development process

Typical innovation and design development process
In a typical development project the designer, engineer and other external consultants are paid regularly throughout the course of the project. And long time before the product/service/etc. is on the market and generating income.

Venture Design™ development process

Venturedesign development process

In a Venture Design™ project you as a client does not pay for the development costs until the product/service/etc. is on the market and you have had the first income.

What kind of development can be carried out with a Venture Design™ contract? Product development, design, graphics, websites and branding at the moment.

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